Frankfurter Solidaritätskomitee für Syrien - Friedenstaube

NATO, gulf monarchies, Israel: hands off Syria
Demonstration on anti-war day 2013
31st August 2013 in Frankfurt

End the intervention and mercenary war against Syria!

Two years of bloodshed in Syria

In the beginning, many thought that the Syrian people would bring down their “detested dictator” within days or months – as had happened with Ben Ali in Tunisia and Mubarak in Egypt. Time has shown that they have had to rethink. Events have contradicted this simple idea. Syrian society has proved to be more complex – and more stable – than many had thought.

The hopes and expectations that many observers had pinned on the “Arab spring” two years ago were dashed at the latest with NATO’s attack on Libya. Today, religious minorities are under threat more than before. Instead of strengthening a secular movement for democratic and in particular social rights and the rights of women, the most reactionary Islamist forces are fighting for power.

At the beginning of events in Syria, there were protests against the government and its policies, against repression and corruption. And there were violent clashes – from both sides.

The Syrian government reacted to the protests with a comprehensive reform programme. NATO and the gulf monarchies simply continued to supply weapons and focussed completely on destroying Syria as a political force in the Near East. It is a war about regional and global interests of power.

The governments of the USA, France, Great Britain and the gulf monarchies dream of dividing up Syria and continue to give the Islamists both financial and military support. These governments want to take a geostrategic hub under their control, remove Iran’s most important ally and push back Russia’s influence. Hypocritically, they are no longer worried about “democracy and human rights”. They simply want the government removed.

Stop the supply of weapons and sanctions!

The more weapons are supplied to the armed gangs, the more people are being killed. It is a war in which the fighters are not in the uniforms of the countries attacking. It is warfare that is outsourced. Fighters are being recruited within the country; others are being smuggled in from outside. Supplied with arms and money, and given information from the secret services, they wage the war of those powers protecting them.
This war, the support of armed gangs from abroad, is the main obstacle to negotiations between the government and opposition.

Particularly in view of the upcoming general election in Germany on 22nd September 2013, we call upon members of the German parliament to speak out against Germany’s participation in this undeclared war of aggression against Syria, to end sanctions and to stop the supply of weapons to areas of crisis.

For the Syrians’ right to determine their future themselves

We call upon all peace-loving people, irrespective of their origin and their political views, and irrespective of which position they have on inner-Syrian disputes, to stand up against the destruction of Syria by foreign forces! Only a sovereign and independent Syria free of foreign intervention offers the chance for Syria to be able to build a future formed according to the will of the Syrian people!

The most reactionary forces in the region and well beyond, armed, paid and equipped, have united to destroy Syria. Even the supporters of a political opposition in Syria are exposed to the terror of these forces.

In particular, those who want a pluralistic and democratic further development of Syrian society through reforms and dialogue are calling for the end of aggression against Syria as a necessary requirement for this. For apart from the material destruction of the country, the country is in danger of being divided up into spheres of influence of differing and to some extent extremely Islamist forces.

The war waged by NATO states together with the gulf monarchies and Israel against Syria is not only a tragedy for the physical and social, material and cultural life of the Syrians, it also represents an acute threat to world peace. In their striving for power and influence, the warmongers are putting the fate of humanity at risk.

We must make sure that their plans fail and that they are punished for their crimes! We stand up together against them! For Syria! For peace! For the whole of humanity!/p>

Stop smuggling in terrorists and all forms of support!
Withdraw patriot missiles!
Stop the sanctions, which are destroying the life of Syrians!
Only the Syrians themselves have the right to determine their future!
No German arms exports to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar!
Germany out of NATO – NATO out of Germany!
End the warmongering!

Frankfurt committee for solidarity with Syria

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